1. Pseumoustophy

From the recording WHITELAKE

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Featuring the virtuostic hand-claps of Matt and Kelly Elvin.


hey man you're killin' me
i got some mouths to feed
you're knockin' on my door
my vote could count for more

i know it's not always clear
stand up there's no barrel to your ear

they will talk the talk
like a barstool prophet
shake the hands in town
kiss the baby now buy us a round
hard to find your way
in a t.v. masquerade
how can we see what we believe in being
just like the other ones
we’re just like the other ones

hey man i like your style
pinstripes and chamomile
ten billion dollar smile
tears like a crocodile

always sure to draw a crowd
skip the show
just take the trophy now

we all know they're all the same
sit down close your eyes
and check a name