From the recording WHITELAKE

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Featuring Michael Olsen on cello.


and after all we're back again
to navigate the pavement sea
don't turn on your radio
you'll block out the music

seasons pass like fingerprints
complex hearts but hard to see
we walk this corn maze in reverse
to avoid the exits

slow down...

this is the start of a night on wheels
count the headlight stars
our scars are the memories of all we've seen
street corners, alleys and bars

sometimes i think we're drowning
in the pond of our youth

and it's one more time around again
all or nothing, beginning or end
as the night closes in
and it's one more shot to make love bleed
one more kick at a glass of dreams
as the night closes in

we know we can't slow down

the shake and the rattle, the buzz and glow
we won't be shutting our eyes
our heads in the city, our hearts in the hills
following footprints and fires

maybe we won't be chosen
maybe we're on our own

we know we can’t, no we can never
slow down