From the recording Gutter Anthems

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 Whenever the time is right<br />
I will think of you<br />
(Je penserai à toi)<br />
Whatever I might find<br />
I will think of you<br />
(Je penserai à toi)<br />
Walking the black, steel rail across suburban plain<br />
Watching the summer’s hand bend the long, green blades<br />
Hoping to stumble on the pieces of my youth<br />
Cinnamon copper Queen, still so flat and smooth<br />
Pardon me Your Majesty for never stopping by<br />
I can see you’re lonely living life upon the line<br />
So let this be the end of everything that could<br />
I’m so tired of all of the things I’ll never know<br />
Stop on the trestle bridge, Sixteen Mile below<br />
Whetting its appetite with the same old sticks and hopes<br />
Are you happy upon your course, worn by centuries<br />
Or searching beneath these stones for something else to be<br />
Would you take me with you on your cold and bumpy ride<br />
If I hit the water then there’s nothing to decide<br />
<br />