From the recording Gutter Anthems

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I scan the index time to time
Slide my finger down, hoping to see life
From the country we can see the stars
But they close their eyes to city lights and cars
It's the song before the calm before the storm
We hold on till we feel that steady roll
Shaking hands are letting go
They slip on but never slip away we hope
These good intentions clear the road
Of fallen snow
I slide my finger through the dust
That colonized this place that I once loved
From the inside I could see the stars
That I left behind for city lights and cars
I've listened long, I've listened hard, I've listened well
To things I'll have to learn myself
Gold dust turns to ashes falling softly at our feet
Taking the time to dance with ghosts along the way
Close our eyes tonight and find that we're all closer than we thought
To being home again in some familiar place