1. Haven

From the recording Casualties of Retail (2005)

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All alone an hour to lie<br />
Broken down and taken by<br />
61 and 49<br />
Vision at the crossroads<br />
Fire in the fading moon<br />
Fire in the afternoon<br />
Fire'll come and take me soon<br />
Take me from the crossroads<br />
<br />
Just another day color fading into grey<br />
Just another day waiting for an answer<br />
In a quiet place staring nothing in the face<br />
In a hollow place looking for an answer<br />
<br />
In medena safe from all appraisals<br />
I relax and remember now and then<br />
But all my memories only take away from me<br />
Any hope I'll be happy in the end