1. Another Round

From the recording Casualties of Retail (2005)

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Train moves on another town<br />
Whisky's gone another round<br />
Whisky's gone<br />
Eagle flies overhead<br />
Sun will rise sun will set<br />
Sun will rise<br />
<br />
CHORUS:<br />
Fee fie foe diddle eh<br />
Never get to heaven if the devil's on his way<br />
Fee fie foe diddle um<br />
Buy another round if the devil don't come<br />
<br />
I was born on the road<br />
Had to crawl to save my soul<br />
Had to crawl<br />
Devil hides at every turn<br />
Gotta roll so I don't burn<br />
Gotta roll<br />
<br />
Gotta find a place to rest<br />
I've been east and I've been west<br />
I've been down